Colorado Insurance Commissioners Not Enforcing State Law to Help Consumers Regarding Choices and Options about Title Insurance.


The Colorado Division of Insurance Commissioner has failed to properly educate and protect consumers, as well as properly regulating the business of title insurance. In fact, most if not all, of the Division’s Commissioners, for unknown reasons, have not been complying with their statutory duties as the Commissioner of Insurance, which reads as follows:

C.R.S 10-1-108 (10) It is the duty of the commissioner to encourage the dissemination to the public of general information concerning insurance by those engaged in the business of insurance, so as to work toward informed choices of insurance needs and options.

This statute includes the business of title insurance that empowers the Division’s Commissioner with the authority and duty of indirectly changing the harmful marketing practice of “Reverse Competition” that is being used by the title industry and forced upon by many real estate brokers.

Consequently, consumers are being indirectly denied access to an open and competitive market place and unable to make an informed choice for their title insurance and closing settlement services.