Understanding what CompareTitleCompaines.com is about?

First and for most, consumers and real estate and title industry professionals need to know that CompareTitleCompaines.com is not a Title Company, but an unbiased transparent educational resource about title insurance and closing settlement services.

From a consumer perspective, CompareTitleCompanies.com is about education, transparency of information, and creating an open & competitive market place of choice, which provides detailed information, so consumers can effectively shop and select the right Title Company for their real estate transactions.

From a real estate professional’s (i.e., real estate brokers, mortgage lenders and attorneys) perspective, CompareTitleCompanies.com is about a value-added resource that real estate professionals can provide their clients for their real estate transactions.

From a title insurance industry standpoint, CompareTitleCompanies.com is a “Marketing Partner” for title companies to market their services directly to consumers.